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Trigger Bunny – BEATBOX freestyle

Trigger Bunny – BEATBOX freestyle

Ey Ey
Trigger Bunny Sa
GGER yow ey Ey

U might break de window
Trigger in ur mention came to end ur soul u know
Um breathing silly syche i see ur bitch a as widow
She gonn ride my dick and she better burn that dildo
Then we play a Bingo

Grew up on respect so boy u better know ur elders
Chew up ur bitche’s clit coz she really mad of my lexus
Ur crush ride my dick and feel like she having with ancestors
Boys can’t break bitches vees coz dey ain’t really creckers

She like being rowdy and um rich,i got de cash in The Box
She really like to play with my wrists i got from ICE Box
This niggas thought I can’t make it,um rapping on the Beat Box
Um waked with de breakfast in bed,crumbled eggs and some chick pops

Don lay ur fuckn ass man i paid too much for dat couch
On de bad she play so rough bitch who is ur fuckn couch
Outside weather is a shit,babe get my fuckn coat
On de heighst i like to kill,my nigga checking damn coast

My body parts full of ice,my middle finger got the rings
I ga my sport car,Audi Quatro i ga de 4-Rings
I got ur bitch from de other man,i heard dey call him Riggs
We got so many bitches,let’s party nigga lemme go get us some Drinks

Rappers hit de breaks,lot of trafic u can’t pass
Bitches make it quick,ur mouth SBWL to suck
Trigger gonn make it sweet,if u allow me to fuck
Nigga u better run quick,before u lose ur luck

It’s easy to mix dis rappers like instant porridge of ACE
it’s not easy to be me,niggas can’t catch on my PACE
Who u tryna look like Gee,get off my fuckn cute FACE
U looking for my cash wrong pin for my suite CASE

Get ready for my EP umma bout to delieve
Got crush to my lungs,coz i never sip de lin
Vhari vhaya rapper over tydivhi ndizwa lin
Thara on de beat Muledane kasini

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