Mohbad: Three Suspect Has Been Summoned By Coroner

Lagos coroner court located in Ikorodu has summoned 3 suspects regarding the death of the late popular singer, Mohbad. They are; Abdulazeez Fashola, a.k.a. Naira Marley, Owodunni Eletu a.k.a. Sam Larry, and Owodunni Ibrahim a.k.a Primeboy.

Coroner Magistrate, Adedayo Shotobi, has summoned them to appear before the court on October 25, 2023, with the main reason of clearing the air on the incident and identifying any person responsible for the unfortunate circumstance.

The Coroner’s Court has the obligation of scrutinizing the causes and circumstances enveloping certain deaths that are deemed to be unusual, violent, or cases where the cause stays hidden.

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