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Max Wagon ft Benlayke – It’s on me

Max Wagon ft Benlayke – It’s on me


Max Wagon

Hey girl!
Get dressed up
We’re going out tonight
Great tag team ever but destined to fight
Guess, what are about?
Using each other as a show-off for that no doubt

Chorus2x-(Max Wagon)

It’s on me


Back in Hanover 99…

Chorus2x-(Max Wagon)

Verse1-Max Wagon

Young nigga fitting in a design
Doubtless,wa faneleliwa mupfana
Feeling like tree,so many branches on me
I’m a real b runner
These chicks feelings in the race
Competing for my d but with won\’t keep a pace
Tell this astray light skirt get f# out my face,girl
You’re my d’ck’s dinner tonight
There’ll be no leftovers, it’ll eat you up
Feeling like you’re a mountain wanna be on the top
That’s where lil chap,will feel utterly alright
Sometimes we bicker our hearts accommodate hate
But our genital organs miss each other and we feel compelled to reconciliate
That’s why!

Chorus2x-(Max Wagon)

Verse3-(Max Wagon)

Girl, it’s on me
There’s too much to splurge out
Matter of a fact that’s what i’m all about
Tell me, what you want?
I can even pay for your smile,smile!
Tell me right, I’ve no scruples
Young nigga so agile
I see you wanna yourself up,no objections
Yeh, you’ll bear the consequences of actions
Yee so bad,yee wanna strangle the bottles
So that they can’t breathe properly
Yee so bad,yee so yecks

YCG rapper: Max Wagon

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