Download Music Mp3: Frank Edwards – End Of The World

Download Music Mp3: Franck Edwords – End Of The World


When it was me against the world,
You came and You fought for me,
Smashing all my enemies and gave me the victory
You’re my light in the darkness, my ever present help
Time and time and time again
You went ahead of me, over and over and over again,
Your love is unfailing
You are my strength I trust in You
Lord You are unchanging, yes You are
Interlude: (GUITAR SOLO)
I’m gonna let the whole world know,
You are the Way maker
You are building dreams not failures
You make it all work for me, You are my everything
Take the whole world take it all
You are all I want, Just You
You gave me wings so I could fly
Higher than Eagles fly
You’re my light in the darkness
My ever present help, Your love is unfailing.
Lord You are unchanging. oh oh ohhhh
Hallelujah to the great I am forevermore
Oh oh ohh
Lift up Your heads Oh ye gates and be lifted up
For the King of Kings
I’m gonna let the whole world know You are the way maker
You are building dreams not failures.
Your love is unfailing, Lord You are amazing
You are my everything.

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