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This post is causing mixed reaction on social media

This post is causing mixed reaction among Nigerians on social media

Man causes mixed reaction on social media with a post of an artwork showing an hausa man, an Igbo man and a Yoruba man eating from one plate. One “Sir V – Chef Victor” took to his Facebook page and made a post of an artwork that shows an hausa man eating together with Igbo and Yoruba men from one plate and captioned it “A day I wish to see in Nigeria”.

Following this post are a lot of reactions some on the positive while some are on the negative side.

Here are some of the reactions, “Amos Oforma Ugwu” said: U and I can do it again, God bless our country Nigeria. Ifeanyi “Onyechimelueze Iyida” said: It’s happening in real life but a different stories on social media. “Stephen crown” said: politicians don divide Nigeria let us scatter it for them Nigeria is gone.

So what’s your take on the whole issue drop your comment in the comment section below.

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