See Teni — Dads Song Lyrics

Artist: Teni

Title Of Song: DADS SONG

Year Of Release: 2021

Album Title: WONDALAND

Number Of Tracks: 17

Guess what?

I’m dropping my first album in a bit

I got a couple hits

And I know you wish, you wish that you were here for this

Just to witness this

Daddy, last night, I had a dream

And you were next to me

Telling me things

Things I cannot see about the future

That I’m a king

And I’m a king in a queen



Eru o ba mimo

You are standing by me

Ooh, wee


Eru o ba mimo, oh

You are always next to me



E le le le

When my daddy died

Ooh, no

Many people cried, oh

Eeee ahh

It was very, very sad

Oh, no, no

I’m glad that I’m alive

To keep on pushing all your dreams

And I can become everything that you wished and more

So that you can see

So that you can see


You are always with me

Eru o ba mimo

Eru o ba mimo, yeah

Eru o ba mi, yeah


Olomo lo ma laiye lo ma laiye oh




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