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See Joshua Baraka – Dalilah II Ft. Simi, Qing Madi & Axon Lyrics

Artist: Joshua Baraka

Title Of Song: Dalilah II

Featured Artist: Simi, Qing Madi & Axon

Year Of Release: 2024

This love was real till it wasn’t real


Falling in love is too easy

Staying in love is the tricky part

Didn’t know that I would walk away (oou oou)

And love made me blind

Couldn’t read the signs

I really thought that this was for life

Growing up with you by my side


Yeah yeah

(Qing Madi tell them say)


Hope you can see the peace inside me (inside me)

It’s not because of you (not because of you)

Hope you know dey follow me dey talk or whine me (whine me)

Baby I don dey move I don dey go

Everything wey you do me, I learnt my lesson (learnt my lesson)

And hopefully, you coulda paid o

On my bed when you used to hold me (hold me)

I have already seen my baby wey I overdose

My tinin darling, girl you should know when I no dey for you

Shey I carry big daddy

Shey you get big dally

Cause when the night comes closer

I go wish you closer

Hmmm noo ooo


Dalilah Dalilah baby

I’m not coming home

No more no more shawty


Dalilah Dalilah baby

I’m not coming home

No more no more shawty


Ouu oou oou

Yeah yeah


Every morning tussling and turning

Because you are really really not coming (really not coming)

No be small thing I dey use talk these words

But two wrongs cannot make a right (let her know)

Put am for my personal file (file)

But I can’t let you out of my life (my life)

You driving me out my mind (driving me out of my mind)

Don’t you remember when I kiss your body oh (body oh)

You say you never leave me for nobody (body oh)

Please don’t leave me lonely ahh ahh

Lonely ahh

Ahh baby

Put you on lockdown (oh yeah)

Call me a jailer

I know go free you

You are not Mandela

Take a minute, we can talk about it later

Don’t give up on me yet


Dalilah Dalilah baby

(Baby come home to me)

I’m not coming home

No more no more shawty

(I’d do anything anything anything, yeah)

Saying oou oou oou

Dalilah Dalilah baby

I’m not coming home

(We could try this again)

No more no more shawty

(Let it shine baby)

Oou oou oou ooo ooo ooo yeah

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