I’m Innocent, I Don’t Know Why Mohbad’s Wife Is Framing Me For His Death — PrimeBoy

Last week Tuesday, a #1M bounty was placed on the head of Owodunni Ibrahim popularly known as Primeboy by the Lagos State Police, as he was declared wanted in relation to their investigation of the sudden death of the late Singer, Mohbad in which he ended up turning himself in, in the company of his lawyer.

During an Interview with the Press, here’s what Primeboy has to say,‘ I don’t know why his wife would go online and start framing me for his death. Mohbad was my childhood friend, I was his stepfather, his stepmum, and everything to him. They don’t even know how I feel about his death. I came out because I wanted justice for Mohbad. The police never invited me, they lied about that. I even wanted to come on my own but people told me I should wait until they invited me”.

Primeboy deduced that there is something suspicious about why Mohbad’s wife would want to frame him because she is well aware of their closeness.

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